Saturday, 28 July 2012

Discuss how to improve teacher skills and knowledge about computer


1. A great way to improve your computer skills is to enroll in a computer course. If you don't want to take it a traditional classroom, try enrolling in a online program. Teacher can use this kind of skill to improve their knowledge in computer.

2. Today, there are a lot of computer learning software that you can purchase in the stores or online. is a great place to start. You can start from the basic learning programs and move your way to the more advance levels.

3. Visit computer forums online. There are so many technical information that you can learn from those forums. If you are not sure about something, post your questions and it will be answered.

4. Improve your computer skills by reading technical literature. Rent books from the library or surf the internet. There are a lot of educational information that can be found on the internet.

5. Do you know anyone who have a geeky background? Now is the time to be-friend them. They have a wealth of information to share. I am sure that they would be more than happy to share some of their technical skills with you.

6. One of the best ways to read technology books. For this you don't need to go to a local book store, you can easily shop online. Go on browsing famous websites, select a book on particular topic you wish to learn, check the reviews and rating then select. Look for the clearly-organized, well-indexed content material. 

7. A great way to improve teacher computer skills is to join in a computer in any technical school for learning computer skills. You can also enroll into any online program. Even there are varities of educational software for learning both basic and advance level.

8. It mat be very helpful to improve computer skills to the intermediate level. It is necessary to understand that intermediate skills are useful for ordinary literate people but are not enough for IT specialists who should have advanced computer skills.

9. Another important aspect is working with statistics which is possible to do not only Microsoft Office Excel but also online. That is why it is very useful to be able to surf the web which may help to complete a lot of tasks such as to find valuable information, to use online programs, to send and receive documents or to load software.

10. It may also be interesting to study Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for people who want to know more about computers and are not satisfied that they have discovered or surf the internet. These programs worth studying as they may give a lot of  opportunities like to modify images, to create pictures or vector graphics and so on. In addition, children loves pictures. So, we can use these programs to apply into our lesson.

11. Teacher need to have a technology supported pedagogy knowledge and skills base, which they can draw upon when planning to integrate technology into their teaching.

12. Teacher need to understand the unique aspects of preparing lessons that use technology. For example having tight definition of tasks involving the use of internet.